For Candidates: Your Interview

Preparing for your interview is simply a matter of…being prepared. At FinderSeekers, we will offer tried-and-true exercises designed to help you distill your career experiences down to what is relevant to the new position.

 For the actual interview, you will be well coached on answering questions succinctly, always emphasizing your accomplishments. We’ll share a myriad of interviewing tips designed to leave your interviewer with a clear understanding of your strengths, and a great impression of you.

We’ll rehearse the following (and many more) pointers thoroughly, but in a nutshell you’ll be encouraged to:

1) Relax. Focus on what the company needs, and demonstrate why you answer those needs.

2) Listen. And learn. Don’t interrupt. When you’re not listening, ask pertinent questions.

3) Be concise. Enough said.

4) Be yourself. Treat everyone you speak to with equanimity and respect. Relax knowing that this is just one of many career possibilities open to you. And have fun!

With FinderSeekers “by your side”, there will be no surprises in your interview. Rather than dreading the usual questions such as “What do you see as your weaknesses?”, you will be comfortable telling about yourself with confidence and poise.

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